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This is my story about touching Videos.Touching boobs in metro
It was a Friday intended to travel to Los Angeles
in America with my mother.
The trip would be by bus, long, boring and tedious.
To end the tragedy, just got the last seat.
Got in and drove me to my place. I sat down and grabbed a blanket.

Because the air conditioning always makes me cold.
Soon all coach seats are occupied, leaving only the vacant beside me
The journey begins, as I am located next to the bathroom.
No sooner the vehicle moves, starts the pilgrimage towards him.

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First comes one elderly man.
After a blonde woman, shapely body, would healed.
The journey continues.

Before you turn out the lights, appearing to 30 years.
Very muscular, green eyes, white teeth, strong arms and legs
that despite the shelter, appeared to be very shapely and thick.

Approaches and asks if the place is vacant. I answer yes.
Then settles in his chair and nothing else speaks.
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When the lights go out I adjust myself to try to sleep.
Usually sleeping lading. I turn to the side of the window.

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At one point of the trip, I realize that the stranger
entered under my blanket pretend not to see.

The movement is repeated.
Realize then that the stranger sitting next to me is actually lifting my dress with my consent
Believe in making a scandal, give a scolding him then
remember that this was a fantasy that many times imagined in my travels.
Suddenly a strong foreign touching me with my consent

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Decide not to react and look the next moves.
Getting all my dress, it starts with a gentle
touch on my buttocks.

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Then begins to slowly move away my panties to the side.
Then gently touch my vagina with his fingers, with my consent
which by touch realize that are thick.
Gradually the touch intensifies,
do not delay it invades my sex with two fingers.

I’m honeydew. He certainly see that I’m awake.
But I do not know my name or where I’m going.
Do not know anything about him. That excites me.

Decide to act, I put my hand back and to my surprise
come across your penis erect more than ever out of the
shelter, while he touched me.
In another masturbated. Half afraid I caught on his stick.
My hand can not get around it. I take it must have a 25 cm.

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I did not expect something so great.
The wooden my husband is 18 cm and in some fucks hurt me.
Do not know if could handle something that big.
Think of retreat. He holds me by the arm and says, it’s too late!
Try to turn around and put a stop, but he touch me with my consent

Notice that despite being touching me.
He returned to touch my pussy with his fingers.
Invades me like a gynecologist and liked. I roll up.
Including sticks his finger in my ass dry.

I do not move, I’m paralyzed. So what I dreaded it happens.
he leans one enormous dick at the entrance of my pussy.
The volume is such that I can not imagine he can put inside.

It forces, help with hands opening my ass. The pain is like a birth in reverse.
Feel that some effort the head of the stick came in,
stands head inside me and the rest of the body stick out.

Makes me touch the dick that has not yet entered.
Begins to say things in my ear, calling me a whore.
I’m in that position 5 minutes. The bus stops.
Try to compose herself. My legs are soft.
My pussy burning like it was on fire.

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The stranger’s cum drips my legs with my consent
My dress is luscious as he wiped his dick on it.
I believe we must have slept about two hours.

According to the bus making a stop at a bus station in a small town.
Can not say the name, some people go down, other board.


A lady came in with an old man maybe his father
and asked me if I care what his other occupy
the vacant chair next to me.
It was a light brown guy, age 60-65 years.
The guy even tried to talk to me, but I did not give it much thought.

Turned again and tried to go back to sleep.
As soon as the lights went out he leaned against
me as if snuggling.

But as he had lived a unique experience that night,
my imagination began to run, his legs were embedded
so that your hips and my were one.

Remembered I was wearing no underwear and that my dress
was a little raised.
Wondered if he would be able to notice that I was half-naked.
Those sinful thoughts were seizing me.
What size would be the cock of a grand of 65 years?

The trip followed the sleep had abandoned me.
Could not think of anything else than only sex.
Blame her for being horny sense for a grandfather.
So much desire wiggled my hips sometimes
do not know exactly whether it was these movements
Suddenly began to feel a volume pinching my ass.

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He could tell that he was getting a hard-on.
That hard cock pressing my ass was driving me crazy.
He could not help myself, it was already wet again.
My aching pussy flashed with lust.

Did nothing, I was just enjoying that hard cock pressing my ass with my consent
This situation lasted for about 10 minutes as touching Videos.

That’s when the unexpected happened.
Pushed against my ass as if penetrating me.
Like have sex, only dress.
The signal for the man carried away
and touch my butt and smooth.
Was also equally the sign I was waiting for me
to play his dick to see the size and thickness.

It was a mean stick to small, however very hard.
Touch his dick ejaculated smearing
Was somewhat disappointed because my intention
was to go beyond having a stick enjoying.
Stroking that luscious cock and to my amazement
it not softened, however, it was even harder.
Directed his dick into my vagina.
Had not enjoyed but surprised me the second time.
Continued and came again inside me.
Now I was full of cum in pussy and ass.

In pussy by a stranger as we see in touching videos.

Had four or five orgasms within my ass filling
completely my right fucking.
As soon as came out, dressed up and got up.
Realized he just stopped getting into me for coming
down his point, as the contrary.