Touching in Bus

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Touching in bus happening every day in lot’s of countries.
Always thought those stories at oops69 somewhat weird,
but I had a long journey that I actually wished never be over.

Will not give many details, but as I am secretary
Took the train everyday go to work.
Always crowded in the morning and in the midst of people
ended up getting like a canned sardine in the middle of two guys.

One of them, until pretty much just shamelessly leaning on me.
At first, I did not like it, but how could not get out.
Was with a black light dress and a small black panties.
Because as going to visit my aunt have a huge desire
was willing to provoke him.

My story about Touching in bus makes my pussy so wet.

The situation was strange when I felt that this man,
was about 40-45 years old, began to stroke my legs regardless
of the other passengers
Was perplexed by that onslaught that did not stop there.
His hand touch me in front. Under my dress, I felt his hand
stroking my boobs and went down touching me between my legs.
touching in public

Do not know what came over me
and the stranger put his hand inside my panties.
Bus motion as he stopped and I regretted me,
but at one point, I felt it lift my dress and a hot
thing forcing between my buttocks.
As a result he managed, but ended there,
throwing inside my panties.
His dick brushed my wet pussy.

Amazing touching in bus!

The heat of his dick in my pussy let me excitation.
Soon felt something warm.
Yes, he came watering all, panties and pussy.
Pulled the stick between my legs and kissed me on the neck.
That was not only touching in bus but something like fuck!

I got my season and went without looking back.
Entered the terminal bathroom to pee and
see what had happened.
Smelled the man in me, my dirty panties with his white liquid.

Ended up masturbating me and without thinking.
Was so beside myself that I just licking sperm.
I put my underwear in my backpack and continued my journey
thinking about the madness that I had done.
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