Touching in Bus

How many times an unknown man has touching you in bus?
How did you feel?Did you liked? Many women love touching in bus.
It is like an erotic fantasy.

Many people like Touching in Bus
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A guy touch with his dick the face of a woman inside train.

Touching in Bus

it happens every day in lots of countries.
In Usa , europe ,Canada , Brazil and of course in India.
The camera recorded a man who pick up a woman’s skirt while she was in the bus and went to work.
SHe was wearing wardrobes, horny housewife!
He accepted with delight this touch.
Maybe he came to pleasure after that touch in public.

Look how the guy lift her dress and touching her pussy inside bus.

Other man touched two women at the same time in a bus.touching in bus

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The touch in public is like Public Groping