Woman wants to touch man’s crotch on subway

I ride the trains in NYC just being groped by men.When I feel their dicks on my fat black ass I stick my ass out more so they can humping better.
Once on the train it was two men I turned so my ass was one time on his dick and the other was on my pussy.The train was packed and one of the those was all on my tits and he put his hand my dress and finger my pussy hard.
Then I start to groping his dicks slowly because I am a woman and I like to touch dicks in bus and trainsSome women actually do grope Some women actually do grope

Humping on her ass in train

Women expect to be groped in trains and let anyone
to grope her boobs and felt a hand brush the ass, to
grabbing her butt and felt a tingle inside.
Humping on her ass inside train

Touch me in the train and humping in the bus. Humping on her ass in train

I was catching the bus into work and I had to stand up cause there was no seats. As we got to

Central station I had this old man stood up behind me and as the bus stopped and bumped himself into me. I could feel his dick between my ass through my clothes when he bumped into me.

This older guy shoved himself into me and I could feel his dick rub up against my leg.

I feel his dick between my ass in bus

i feel his dick between my ass in bus

I was on the bus and this was pretty early in the morning. there was rain outside. the bus in a nearby station wasn’t functioning so i took the next closest one. by the time i had paid my fair and gotten to my platform to wait for my bus  the entire platform is crowded. everyone is rubbing against each other.

i am in the middle of the cart with one hand holding the bar above me and a man has squeezed in front of me. once we start moving within the minute, i feel something brush against my 

dick. this began to tickle my it and it progressed to get hard within 30 seconds

Strangers Humping and grinding their dicks on  milf women  asses and sometimes fingering under dresses and touch their pussies in bus and trains

Grabbing big boobs in train

Grabbing big boobs in traingroping big boobs in train Last week on the way home, I was sitting on a train and it was starting to fill. The guy was standing up holding on the pole to balance himself, and as people try to pass him, his body would lean closer to my shoulder and I felt his dick on it and  make me horny because he was very cute. And yes his dick felt big!
He slowly grabbing my big boobs for more than 10 minutes.My tits become hard.

Has anyone ever felt a guy  rubbing their dick against you ,or grabbing your boobs on the public transport?

Touching her ass on the street

Touching her ass on the street
IsabellaStranger touch my ass at train.He make massage between my legs.
Emma A man was touching me all over.That got me really wet and i come.
I remember when  his hand dragged across my juicy butt.The other hand caress the 
crease between my cheeks. It was awesome sexy  bus ride experience!
WilliamThe public bus was almost full without space seats.I stood there holding 
the overhead strap 
Beside me was a sexy milf woman about 45 years old, pressed her body against me.
We rocked together on the bus for 10 minutes.
My cock was hard and after a moment start pressing into her sweet , tight butt.
Touching her ass on the street


Emily: On a crowded train i felt someone behind me, and the accidental bump that usually starts the encounter. I turned my head to see the guy who try to put his hand up my dress. He was about 35 years old man .After two seconds i felt that he was rubbing my thigh. He grabs me,touch my hips and moves me closer to him. I feel his hand on my ass moving under my mini dress to my skin It was very erotic!
Sophia: His hand grabs my hip slightly.He gives a squeeze and then go to pat my ass. Yes he grabs my hips and i feel his cock on my ass
Mason: i am husband and makes me horny when several guys touching my wife , her hairy pussy in concerts and rock music festivals

Handjob in subway

Handjob in subway Handjob in subway

I was on the Nyc underground subway in a packed carriage. I could feel the guy behind pressing against me. It was summer so I was in a thin dress which was rather short. I felt his erection grow against me and I got turned on too. I felt him press it against my bum and found myself pushing back. This went on for a couple of stops and I felt him lift my hem and rub his erection over my knickers. He’d obviously unzipped himself and was grinding it against me. I really wanted him to rub between my legs as I was pretty wet. I felt his warm cum spurt over me and he pulled my hem back down. He got off at the next stop and I didn’t even see his face. Fortunately I had a raincoat so I could cover my wet dress up. I raced home and didn’t even get my knickers off before I climaxed.
Never repeated unfortunately.