Train Groped

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Train Groped / Under skirt groped her pussy in metro train

All day take the subway to work.
Normally, the morning is crowded with many people
who crush the cars.
It is rare for someone to rub my breasts and touch my ass.
Most of the time, I have to believe It is unintentional.
Sometimes they take. Never I get angry.
To be honest, I find it exciting, a complete stranger
that touches me in public.
Since I gave out my boyfriend a few weeks ago,

had fantasies other guys to made train groped.

Groping ass in train
First of all a passenger commenting in the subway,
that was a delay today in the tunnel.
Possible that in train groped was done many times.
stopped half an hour, maybe more.
Almost back home. But as I had delayed service,
decided I had to go.
Still hesitant took my ticket

and went to the platform to wait for the train groped.

It was autumn and I was dressed for a moderate time.
Wore a blouse type sweater and a skirt to the knees.
On the platform, waited on subway.

groped train

The platform was a little more crowded than usual.
The train arrived fast. It was crowded.

Went in and the doors closed.
Me held a post, picked up a book and started reading.
In the first three or four stops,moved at normal speed.
Unfortunately, it was building up the contingent of people around me.
Was somewhat sheltered by their bodies.
Reduced speed and slid between stations was
during one of the stops that I felt a touch resting lightly near my ass.

Maybe a touch and fast groped by mistake?

train groped

The fingers were pressing softly my skirt up to my buttocks.
Knew I should do something to stop it, but I pretended me innocent,
after not having sex for more than two weeks.

I was in need of it .The palm pressed slightly close my ass.
Pushed signaling my awareness of their actions him.

The train groped starts to move again and touch shook my ass cheek firmly.
Started to move his hand under my skirt and slapped my ass consciously.

ass groped train
Felt it go to the end of my panties.
My pussy started to get hot and humid.
His hand shook my leg.

The train groped was so crowded that no one came over in sections.

As left a station, I felt the back of my skirt up.
Was wondering how he thought he could do it on a
crowded subway with people around us.

Felt liquid dripping from my cunt.
His actions were becoming faster.
While wandered freely covered my ass.

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The train groped started.
Rubbing it and squeezing it, reached for my free
fingers to him and led to his cock, over his pants.
Shook on his stick. It was pretty hard.
Moved up and down over his dick.
When he stopped, kept rubbing his dick on their own.
In crowded subway did not know was inside groped me.
As he pressed the flesh explored my stomach and my breasts.
he train groped movements began to move again and got into the crack

and touch my ass while his fingers played with my breasts.

He touch my nipple over my bra.
Since he was brave, so I became.
Removed from his dick and lowered his zipper,
putting into his pants.

He was not wearing any underwear.
Found the stick from him and ran my fingers along
the flesh of his naked dick.

touching in train

Meanwhile, had already opened my bra
and her finger was well over my pussy.
Touch his dick in his pants.Love groped unknown men!

Inspected his stature.Measured about 17 centimeters.
It was so thick that I could not even close my hand
completely around.
Felt press my breasts and enter under my skirt.
Lifted my skirt up and ran his fingers along the inside
of my thighs.

It was a great train groped.

boobs groped subway

My joy flowed from my pussy and he rested
in front and rubbed the crack of my pussy.
He stuck inside my panties and his fingers it
moved by my pubes and sought the hole the pussy.

Touch train now was fucked from both sides, in my pussy and in my ass.
He yanked his finger hole of my pussy and ran his hand around
inside my panties for my hips.

He pulled my panties off. The touch on my pussy was now totally free.
The fuck with fingers was faster. I had already had my third orgasm!
He put his other hand under my sweater and again patted my bare breasts.

pussy groped train
Next went into another station. As we explored the bodies of each other,
stopped for a few minutes before leaving the station slowly.
Just outside the station, the driver announced over the loudspeaker:
Ladies and gentlemen, we have been informed that there are workers
in the tunnels and the service will take half an hour, 45 minutes.

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Had we known we would have stayed at another station, but there is no other way.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is an emergency situation.
Some people started complaining.
My “lover” took to turn me against him.
Until this time I had not seen the person with whom I was having sex.

The partnership be Latin, with some 20 years.
My panties were in his pocket his shirt.
Could not believe that a pretty woman as I was leave a Latin
fuck me, but I wanted it and so did he.
He raised mine, pulled my hips and pressed his dick against my pussy.
His touch gripped my ass.
Guided his cock on my pussy, and he slid hard and throbbing, my skinning.
Had an orgasm when he pushed deep .

That’s why is called train groped.

His hands on my boobs guided my fucking motion, forward and back
Took his hand short of my ass and touch my panties from his
pocket and stuck in his mouth.

old man groping in train
Sucked my joy that was in underwear.
Then he unbuttoned the top of my sweater and
exposed my erect nipples.
Took my panties from his mouth and replaced it in his shirt pocket.
Lowered his head sucked each nipple ran his tongue over
and sucked and bit slightly.

All the time he kept fucking me and squeezing my boobs.

Felt the stabs him get faster and I knew I would enjoy immediately.
Squeezed the muscles of pussy trying to milk
the enjoyment of his long, hard dick.
Grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed from me as far as his prick could go.

Felt his prick throbbing when he filled my white Jewish
cunt with your enjoyment of Latin.
Consequently after a few seconds, enjoyed again.
Withdrew his cock and wiped with my panties.
Then he touch my panties and rubbed my pussy,
wiping their joy and my juices, as much as he could.


As it was train groped then brought my panties

to my face and I accepted in my mouth.
Sucked the joy and mine, directly from my panties!
The driver spoke again on the speaker, warning that another
20 minutes and the tunnel would be released.

While I sucked my panties, the guy was touching and playing my pussy
and was lubricating the eye of my ass with my pussy juices.
When was wet enough, he began to stick a finger and another.
His hands moved my hips and he turned me back.

Also he was trying to eat my pussy in the subway !
I’ve never been fucked in the ass before, but I got over the fear with
sexual need and when he bared my butt cheeks of,
reached his prick and guided it.

groped in train
Sucked stronger my panties as he slid his cock in my pussy.
At first, it hurt a little, but I got used to that rolls in me.
Touch my hips, getting one on my breasts and
the other again lifted the front of my skirt and touched

my pussy making train groped.

Latin fucked my ass and pussy and touched groped my chest for several minutes.
After his hands back to my hips and moved faster, spouting her joy inside.
A minute later, pulled his dick out and his hands on my hips again,
turned me to face him.

groped in metro
In the darkness could not see him.
Felt his lips touch me and he kissed my mouth open.
His tongue passed my lips.
Kissed me passionately for a minute so,
then he moved and touch my hips to my shoulders
and pushed me down firmly.

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Realized train groped wanted me to suck.
Felt his cock along my cheek.
Caught him with his mouth and took the ran my
tongue across its length and started to suck it.

Roved the remains of his joy.
Because his dick began to harden I could take his dick up my throat
moved my head from side to side over his hard cock.

Heard the noise of their falling pants and then reached his balls.
He grabbed my head and started to guide my movements kept
sucking his dick and shook my tongue from the base to the head
of the stick.

groping in train

When I sucked his balls, he turned and his ass was in my face.
At this time, due to would do anything.
When I found it, I licked, kissed and sucked at her tight butt.
Μy tongue as hard as possible and explored his
as much as I could.

The thought of kissing a stranger was enough to
make me cum again.

So sexy train groped.

Above all as i sucked his ass, I held the stick with one hand.
Then he turned once more and my lips back to your fucking him.
At this time, he held my head began to fuck my lips.
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groped dick train

His cock in and out of my lips quickly.
Used my tongue whenever he could to lick it.
Suddenly he buried my face in his pubic hair,
deep down my throat and threw his sticky
and warm joy in my mouth.
Licked every drop I could.

Held my head and kept his dick in my mouth.
His dick go limp between my lips, but he would not let me get up.
Was afraid that would tie the lights and someone saw us!
But he still held me there, her shoulders.
Suddenly, felt a liquid out.
He was pissing οn my tongue! Tried to stop but filled my mouth.

groped in train

Likewise had no choice but to try to devour as much of your piss.
As I was very, filled my tongue and start to pour down my neck.
Still pissing, he snatched the stick from my mouth and pointed
at my head.

Boobs touching in train

my face and my hair, running down my chest.
Do not know why, but I obediently knelt in front of him.
My only movement was to lift my breasts so they would be
covered completely with warm piss him.

Furthermore gave me my panties to hold and so he also put piss in it.
When he was finished,used my tongue on
to lick it and leave it clean.

Have you ever seen train groped?

With his hands, he made it rise. When I did, he lifted my skirt
and touch in train my panties on the other.
By their movements, realized he wanted me to wear pants,
all soaked with urine it.
Dressed and his piss leaked into my cunt.
Pulled myself together, buttoning her skirt as he straightened his pants.

groping boobs in metro

Heard some people complaining about the smell of urine.
Therefore the lights came a little later and my Latin lover was gone.
There was piss on my face and clothes.
As a result the train groped began to move.

Luckily, people did not realize that I was the reason for their complaints.
At the next stop, I got off. Could not go to work.
As it was in contrary motion, it was almost empty and I took a seat.
Sat down and started thinking about what happened
at the last minute.
Finally someone sat down next to me. It was my Latin lover .

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train groped