Touch Bus

Touch bus

Hello, my name here is fictional but the real story.
My name is Susan Karen, I have 30 years, I am very happily married who am in love.
It besides being a great dad is also a delight in bed.
Well, surfing the internet I came across this site,to
So from that day, say my life has changed a lot about sex.
Because there was never betrayed my husband.

Woman touch dick in bus

I am an average woman of beauty, I am bright white,
tanned with little mark 1m, 65cm, abundant not.
Says she’s beautiful, large breasts and pink nipples.
in short, on the street call attention, I get lots sung.
I’m going to report something expiatory what happened to me quite recently.

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Good I will always work for my Touch bus.

Work at a telemarketing known a great company.
Always dressed comportment, occasionally a tight trousers marking the butt and my pussy.
But nothing exaggerated. That was with a pair of jeans just like that.
Squeezing my pussy and my butt, white button shirt, pink high heels.
Touching in bus
That finds it sexy by the way, a tiny red panties.
Which is not floss but it is small and a black bra.
Left home like every morning.
I was pro point to catch in the morning it is always empty.
Everything was normal like any other.

Jumped out of the Touch bus,

took the van and arrived at work.
Touch woman bus

Finishes the expedient there I go for touch bus.

Thinking it would be a time like any other, ah, forgot to say that it was Friday and around 14 h.
Came and went, was a bit crowded and had no place to sit.
I was facing to a lady who was sitting.
She even offered to hold my purse and a bag with three eggs.
Had bought before going , but it was obvious.
Touch in bus
Filling more and I there, going strong holding that hard iron.
Hardly knowing what awaited me that day was.
When he entered a more or less 1m, 85cm, white.
Was not healed, but it was beautiful and charming.
Had a face rascal and scoundrel, unshaven and gave me a look.

That ate me right there starting touch bus.

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At the same time do not know what came over me that.
Was excited, it never had happened to me.
Had thought to betray my husband of course.
To fuck him thinking of another woman who never made it?
But from pro real was something else, did not dare while will do.

Touch in bus her legs

Well, having not like I sit there in the middle of the crowded.
Hallway to everything hand, in the midst of me holding me not to fall.
Squeezed between people felt when he began to approach me.
Coming slowly, squeezing, then fit his dick in my ass and ours.
She was hard, my pussy was wet at the time.
But quickly turned my face and closed my face.
Thinking that someone could see that.
Embarrassment of leaving an unknown humping me,
laughed and pulled back the stick of my ass.

Touch bus
All squeezing felt again that thick and hard cock in my ass.
Looked to the sides and realized that no one was watching.
Nothing people were not even there, so I decided to leave.
But I did not move, I was quick stop.

The touch bus swinging and he taking advantage of my butt with that tasty bites.

Began to imagine a thousand fantasies with that guy
It was then that called me when I saw it was him on the phone.
Gave me a fright while a horny uncontrolled, my pussy was on fire.
Touch boobs in bus

Answered and he asked me if I was already for a touch bus.

As it was to buy two more Easter eggs, as I was mad.
On one side decided take another spicy in the situation.
Then took a slightly touch on the butt.
Felt that he was crazy about it and that’s when he clicked.
Dying to climb on top of that dick right there, thinking.
Might as well be mini leave him put my panties aside and fuck me there.
Even that horny I was, my husband or suspected anything.
We were about 6 minutes on the phone then hung up, too bad.
I went then to concentrate only on that unknown man.
Bites and hard that was crazy for an adventure.
Decided to become more daring.
Took a peek to back and opened my mouth, looking him eye tail.
Making a face of naughty, we know that men love it.

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The guy started beating the dick in my ass and I Prancing increasingly.
The old lady holding my purse and eggs was not even there.
So let me and turned one fucking bitch in the

stranger and touch bus.

Even realize that I was loving it, lowering it for me to sit on that dick.
So do not resist, had to put a hand to feel the consistency.
That rolls that seemed to be pretty thick and I was right.
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Was hard that neither the iron I was holding.
Pressed, stroked, scratched with nails.
Already not concerned if someone on the other side was seeing.
Wearing shorts over black, and believe me, opened the zipper.
I was afraid, but still stuck my hand in and I could hold that wonderful dick.
To unlock it out but not get out, ’cause I think it was very big.
Will fall mouth and suck all that dick.

Bus Touch
My pussy soaked with lust, then the lady returned the bag.
With the eggs as would jump, I thought, do not want to sit here.
What I do? The most expensive stick I not sat.
The bank was empty and people began to look at me.
As if to say, will not sit not?

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He whispered in my ear, I was covered with goose bumps.
How was the bag in front of my puss.
Pretended I was pinching his pants again with one hand.
Took his hand and brought in her direction when he touched my pussy.
Was so tasty that rooting for him to say he was going to jump
and call me pro his apartment.
Think I would run into because I was mad with desire to give.


Feel a fucking me all of that, but not happened.
The bus arrived at my stop.
I went down with his legs wobbly and his head running.
Because I could not fathom pro size of madness.
Just experience,arrived at my building and hit me a fear.
Thought a thousand things, until set this situation.
Very scared, but similar so horny, very much !!!


An elevator was getting ready psychologically.
Trying to get back to normal, because I was still bewildered by that prick.
Got home and called saying he had arrived.
We talked normally, then went to take a shower.
Had to touch me and enjoyed yummy imagining that
man naughty eating me all in a bed.

I found him again and you guys can not imagine what happened.

The best touch bus!

I will tell in another story, okay?
kisses to all you guys, this site ”oops69” is great for us
to tell someone the follies we do !