Public Touching

Public touching

What public touching means?

Public touching is when a man touch a woman  in a park, the square,  a bus,  on a train or in an event only with her consent

Remember one time when I was 25 years old, a woman while I was in the metro approached  me and started to drown me and touch me.

She was a woman about 50 years old with big tits.

The wagon had a lot of people inside.

She coming near me and by mistake, he began to touch my dick.

touching in public

I did not want to interrupt her because I liked it.

She continued to touching me  more and more.That was a Public touching

I was wearing a white short  as you can see in the photo.

My dick was very big and I was ready to finish to cumming on her hand.

After 4 stops she left from the train.

She did not tell me and did not say anything to her.

The only thing I was doing was to videotape with my mobile these moments.

Touch dick in train

Public Touching VIDEOS

She felt so good so she touched my hard long cock .

Also startlingly pressed and  remaining in the passageway between the seats, clutching the overhead railing.

For the reason that the lady (around five foot tall and perhaps around 44) hopped on at  Bridge and advanced towards me, being harried from behind by a heap of different travelers.

As the prepare ran along, I felt her hand rubbing against the front of my shorts several times yet because it was only a wonderful mischance with more to do with the prepare development than any genuine aim. Need to concede that I did rather appreciate it.

Wish to have again a Public touching moment in my life

As a result arranged to leave the prepare however before she removed, her hand came to down and she grasped everything and gave me a chipper decent press. Maybe she at that point left the prepare and vanished. She didn’t pivot and take a gander at me, she simply left.

The press left me somewhat sore and a major piece energized. Truly, there ought to be a greater amount of this kind of thing on swarmed trains love grinding