Groping in Public

This story about

Groping in Public

happened in an afternoon of Tuesday of March.
Groping in public

I do not remember well the year. It was a lazy afternoon without college to study materials without her boyfriend.
My boyfriend , was great lover, but did not leave me to connect with friends.
Leaving me only one thing to do : Ride the subway.
It may seem hillbilly thing, but I love ride the subway in New York, stroll through see all kinds of people there that confused metropolis. Not to mention the flirt who always roll, a yummy looks, men and women, horny and shy.

train touching

I had the instinct that someone would try to groping in public my body.

As my intention was just to drive around and cause a little bit, I decided to use a sporty look.
A beautiful, colorful shoes, no socks, one under her blouse to tie at the waist or put on the shoulders, depending on the occasion.
Also T-shirt black race and the principal: a white duplex panties with colored vertical stripes the sides.
Pasted in my body, revealing every detail of my legs and butt.
If you get close, I could see up to my most salient spots.
Who lucky man will touch me and groping me in a few minutes?
train groped
My pussy was checked, even me wearing panties, forming what men playfully call camel toe.
Furthermore my butt delaying the transit of pedestrians on subway stations, as always had more people walking behind me than in front .
Under dress, a tiny cotton panties, which marked the fabric just panties, turned out to be sexy and daring.
Realized the first prying eyes.
With blouse under on his shoulders, stopped to see some pictures that were exposed and there was always some men after me very interested in art.

The Groping in public places started.

touch her in bus

Entered the subway, which was not very full, and I was sitting to the Manhattan station, where I decided to change train to the Queens. In this way,where always full of men, just what I was looking for.
This time I was standing with his right arm bent forward, holding me in the support bar.
So I felt horny men walking behind me, some quickly, some deliciously slowly, making me feel their volumes.
When the train stopped at Brooklyn,was that rush of noise coming and going, that scrubs
but I kept standing there, stop.
The car began to fill, filling rapidly, and a nice gentleman in a suit and tie and a briefcase in one hand, was right behind me.

groping in train
When someone passed by, he simply pressed against my ass, pushing me forward, apologizing in my ear.
I decided to tease him for real, to see how much he would be bold.
The people in the car to see if we were being watched, but only a guy sitting, shy, looking at me, when I looked at him. The train began to move.
I started to move my waist slowly, swaying almost imperceptibly,

pushing my ass back to feel groping in public.

public groping
The old man poached and carried a folder near my body.
Helped him, positioning myself so that could groping me between my ass and his dick.
Dropped his briefcase between her legs, and filled with my buttocks, feeling and pressing.
I kept me moving, feeling all my butt and resting between my buttocks.
His fingers sought abused my pussy and my ass, surreptitiously.

He makes me so horny doing groping in public.

It was my dream.
man groping woman

The car was completely full, shook a lot and people rested in each other.
I was looking forward to feel the cock of the man, looking forward and sideways, disguising.
The shy other man looked at me, smiled at him but he again lowered his eyes.
Holding my wrist, you gray made my hand slip into his pants, where I found a dick already hard, pulsating.
Then looked at me again, this time without being able to take his eyes off me.
Realized what was going on, and his eyes were wide.

guy groped her
I smiled , rolling of the Lord gray and jerking off for him, clumsy middle, into your pants.
Quickly, you came between my fingers.
The train had arrived in Fulton Street and was one among-and-out of hurried.

Yes is my chance to find a new place for another groping in public.

Saw the gentleman leaving the station, who before made me a good groping in public.
The other guy was still sitting there, with an outstretched arm holding up the bar.
groping ass
The car get crowded again. Decided to go closer to him, stopping in front of the bar where he was holding at him when the train began to move all squeezed.
The movement made me touch his arm, who was holding the bar.
My pussy was there, rubbing the hand of a shy young man who could not face me, but stood there, firm.

Someone behind me groped my ass, making me more horny !

groping pussy in train
The train swing helped slutty. He began to stretch his dick between my legs to stick my pants at the time of my ass.
Looked forward, hiding.
During enters and going of , dropped his shyness aside and stood up, facing me.
His face almost stuck in my eyes of his mouth.
Men were crowding the wagon, all settling gave as and when the train move,

felt the stranger fingering into my pants, touching my wet panties.

groping in public
My boobs touched his chest, that disguised looking around.
Behind me,

someone groping me and pressed his cock against my ass.

For second time as panting, felt the unknown man fingers away my panties and penetrated my pussy.
He moved his fingers quickly, then stuck one finger, two fingers ,stirring.
Horny that I was feeling.Slid my right hand down his jeans, pressing his cock over the underwear.
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As he made groping in public said quietly,

without looking at me that he have 18 cm big cock.
Got it rode his dick on the underwear, giving the huge dowry he really had. A good hand-job.
I slid under his underwear and took that hard cock, moving up and down.
Felt his breath, his breath, felt her trembling fingers groped my wet pussy.
groping ass
The guy behind me grabbed my left hand ,and made me touch his dick.
Stood there, standing in front, jerking him.

As grope feeling the groping of someone

I had no idea who it was.
Enjoyed the fingers and remembered that I needed to be quick and get it over with before the train stopped again.
Shook his head slightly the guy’s dick.
Did this a few times, squeezing and releasing, up and down my fingers through his dick.
He came too, filling his milk. The fuck was such that I felt the underwear is full, and the dripping fucking legs.
groped in train

He looked at me incredulously, and I pulled my hand all honeydew inside his clothes.
Also groping my pussy from my pants, but behind me, someone was not satisfied.
As a result felt a strange move and when I looked down, I saw the tip of a stick appearing.
The guy had his dick between my legs, eating my thighs.

It was a great Groping America.

The buster came on my legs.
It gave me very horny, but I was very angry.

groped boobs train
I went down in the last station in Subway.
Though I had a so nice groping in public.
For the first time went home happy but behaved.
After all, the day had been crazy, I had just turned three men unknown.
Thinking about it gave me still gives very horny.
In fact, at this point, recalling that story, I’m soaked !!

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