Groping boobs in train

Groping  boobs in train

Last week on the way home, I was sitting on a train and it was starting to fill.
The guy was standing up holding on the pole to balance himself, and as people try to pass him,
His body would lean closer to my shoulder and I felt his dick on it and  make me horny because he was very cute.
In another case It was lunchtime and I went to the metro to go shopping. I figured someone was following me but I did not give it any sign. I’m in the train wagon and after a while I felt a hand pushing me back to my chest. In the beginning, I thought he was doing it by mistake because the wagon had a lot of world in it.

After that, it became the same again. The guy groping boobs in train , my tits all the time and more loudly.

I thought that if i  was left for a while in the train he would unbutton my bra and could kisses my boobs and my neck.

Groping boobs in train

He slowly grabbing my big boobs for more than 10 minutes. My tits become hard.

Has anyone ever felt a guy  rubbing their dick against you ,or grabbing your boobs on the public transport?

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This woman had very big boobs and every day she traveled with the train to to her job. She was wearing a white short dress without bra. She made all the men around her with big dicks!

Started touching her  big boobs while at the same time I realized how she liked it.

Ιt seemed that it did not change position. She wanted someone to groping her tits now.

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