Groped in public

Groped in Public

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This woman is my wife .Always wanted a stranger man to touch her.Always in public places.

So i would give the title my Horny milf get groped inside metro wagon!Groped in public!

Almost 30 years old she likes always wear short dresses as you can see above.
She sat down in the seat and opened her legs softly to show her transparent lingerie.
All passengers were watching her.

My wife has nice long sexy  legs and I want to smell and touch them always.

The unknown man came close of her and started groped her with his dick on her arm.

She stood upright on the train.After while his leftGroped in public  hand touched her over her underwear.

Yes this man groped in public my sexy hot wife .

Inside the train she opens the legs to show her transparent white underwear. Her pussy is unruly. The unbelievable man looks between her legs.

She has to touch her pussy with her hand, but she sees my husband and hesitates. but she will touch her foot. The woman makes me not seeing it.

She lets him do it.

Then she touches her back on her leg and at the same time she picks up her skirt to touch her ass. It’s so erotic what I see . An unknown man about 40 years older touches and hits my wife!

The guy but also my wife  let me to videotape it with my cell phone.

She  likes to watch these moments about Groped in public  in videotapes.

Another time has happened again when my wife opened the door to a man who was deferred. Just wearing her underwear and he touched her in the pussy

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Groped in public