Touching in Bus

Touching in Bus

Hi, my name is Anastasia and I’m an avid reader of the blog oops69.
So I decided to share something that happened to me.
One day leaves home obeying my daily routine to go to work.
Later than usual, which did not allow me to make the morning ritual is to enjoy while taking that bath.
That’s right I need to do this to relax and be able to face the best day.

Touching in bus

Luckily the bus was quick to pass, but it was late so unable to sit.
Nor seen anyone known to hold my briefcase.
When passing the roulette leaned next to an old man half asleep, but to see me if.
He offered to hold my briefcase, as he was an attractive both figured we would talk a little,
but nothing, he began to doze.

oops69 Touching

The Touching in bus began to fill and soon found myself trapped.

Almost falling over person who held my folder, which continued to doze.
To my luck behind me stood a sexy male of about some 35 years, serious expression.
Also he was quite smelly and very respectful.
Because gave to realize the effort made to not touch me,
but only with rocking of the bus from time to time contact was inevitable.


I came to realize he was excited.It will happen a good Touching in bus.

Did not much matter, because while looking through the glass reflection, clearly could see.
It was something involuntary due to he avoided even looking at me.
As if embarrassed by the situation, that made me feel good.
Feel desired leaves me excited, for the reason that I have 1,65cm ,weight 55 kg.
Without heels, but usually always use them.
Evenly distributed, medium breasts,

thick legs pert bottom and Touching in bus.

Think as follows, who does the woman is the clothes she wears.
I know well dressed, wore a knitted dress, a little loose, because that day was making heat.
Inside was completely packed,

the guy behind me had once leaned and Touching on me.

Suddenly felt his hard cock in touch with my ass. Had left me excited to the point of getting wet and to not fall over.
Supported my leg on the back of his chair.
At one point he fell to my side touching his shoulder exactly between my legs
Touching bus image

Touchingin bus was like a shock, because was already wet.

Feeling the excitement man behind me, I had no reaction to move me.
Even due to was too full actually the horny came over me.
Decided to seize the moment, and always rocked and I felt the pressure of hand Touching behind me with my consent
Was also a pressure shoulder that boy dozing, rubbing my pussy that was already throbbing.
Making me feel my panties in and dividing it by providing a greater sense to touch the mister shoulder.
Touching america
Coincidentally we were nearing the end of the trip, which meant that began to get off.
Increasing the frequency of people to move pressed his dick against my ass.

While I enjoyed Touchingin bus when stopped,

and several people started to decline.
The driver threatened to leave and there was still many inside.
Things got a little out of control, which generated a great pushing and shoving.
People shouting “go down driver,” I began to get a little dizzy.
For the reason that it looked like his hand would rip my clothes so hard!
Touching boobs

The Touching in bus continued and already had my legs open.

So I held myself at the bottom of the iron in the back of the chair.
Inadvertently ended up leaving my hand on the stick height of a man.
Other than I could not see what it was, but that pushing and shoving, touched with his dick in my hand.
Touching ass bus

Where even not being hard, I could identify that it was a very tasty dick.
That was for me too, that stranger smelling and always his cock was in my ass.
Felt the dick that another man brushing my arm, my pussy all wet pressing it against his shoulder.

dick Touching

Could not help myself, and with just a couple more intense movements could enjoy.
Feeling the joy running down my thigh, then immediately get up frightened, screaming “go down”.
I was even more frightened, he put my briefcase on the seat.
When I say “thank you,” he looks into my eyes , of a very naughty smile and respond “not mention it,”
Avoid looking at him and I try to sit down.He was with the wobbly legs of enjoyed that he had given.

bus Touching
Lift my head wondering to see the man who was behind me.

The Touching in bus was not so full causing it already was no longer there.

Only left me some rest, because missing a few stops to get off.
So enjoying the incredible post orgasmic sensation.
Get off and was back to my beloved daily routine.
I hope you enjoyed the story.
My experience maybe is unusual, but it was very tasty.
I know what you will watch the videos at oops69 kisses!
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Touching in bus

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